#SeedChat is a weekly discussion forum on Twitter where the participants discuss starting plants from seed, seed saving, heirloom plants grown from seed, saving and trading seeds. Twitter members can participate in #SeedChat by searching for and clicking on the #SeedChat hashtag on Twitter, or on Tweetchat, to follow along and reply to other members. #SeedChat is hosted by @xitomatl and @mrbrownthumb. There is also a dedicated Twitter account: @SeedChat that will lead the discussion every week. Join us every Wednesday at 8pmCentral/9pm Eastern to discuss seeds. Our schedule is located here. Use this form to submit a question for the week's topic.

The format for #SeedChat may be a little more structured than your average conversation on Twitter. The first five minutes of #SeedChat every week will give us time to say hello and welcome participants like so:

If you are late to #SeedChat on any given day, just jump in and start answering questions. You can catch up with the early questions later.The questions posed during #SeedChat have been submitted by participants just like you via the form located at the bottom of the page.

The @SeedChat account will post the pre-submitted questions and you answer them like so:

You can answer the @SeedChat account directly like @C_Vanderlinden does in the image above. You can answer it to the room like @MrBrownThumb and @KatWhiteDesigns did. Or, you can answer a fellow participant the way @Xitomatl did. Remember to include the Q # so people know what you're referring too.

The following questions will be labeled Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5... until we are done. Using the Q label for questions and responses will allow us to keep tabs on the conversation & information organized.

Because Tweetchat adds the #SeedChat hashtag to all tweets, sometimes conversations that have nothing to do with #SeedChat show up in the stream. For example:

When we have side conversations like this during our Q&A session it makes the stream hard to follow. In addition, when we make the transcript at the end of each session, it clutters up the stream for those who missed it live and are reviewing what we talked about that week. Try to keep the #SeedChat hashtag out of tweets that aren't related to the topics being discussed to keep thing neat and tidy. Remember, during the final 15 minutes the @SeedChat account will announce the last question and it will open the floor. At this time you can talk about anything related to seeds, answer questions you may have missed if you were late or catch up with your Twitter pals.