Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Seed Catalog Recommendations 2012

This SeedChat we discussed our favorite seed catalogs. To read the transcript in chronological order, read this from the bottom up, after clicking through the jump break (read more link) when on the homepage of the blog. SeedChat is hosted by and
   Gotta run - dinner time! Great chatting with you all, see you guys next week. #seedchat -9:01 PM Dec 12th, 2012
    -Thanks! That's fantastic!#Seedchat -9:00 PM Dec 12th, 2012
   Thanks to all the new faces and regulars for joining us tonight. Next week: Seeds as Christmas gifts! #SeedChatTranscript up soon. -9:00 PM Dec 12th, 2012
    Could be. I found that some of them were Divisions of larger companies. #seedchat -8:58 PM Dec 12th, 2012
    THANK YOU for sharing that. I've been saying something like that should exist? Is it pretty new?#seedchat -8:58 PM Dec 12th, 2012
     they do have cool vintage catalogs. Aren't they the same company though? #seedchat -8:58 PM Dec 12th, 2012
   FYI: If you want to start a seed library in your community, check out: it's a social site for us. #SeedChat -8:57 PM Dec 12th, 2012
   #Seedchat Yeah, Tweetdeck came to a complete stop there. -8:57 PM Dec 12th, 2012
   I bookmarked several sites to check out. My picketbook won't thank you,but it'll be fun browsing. #seedchat-8:57 PM Dec 12th, 2012
   They have nice catalogs. RT  I love the Shumway's and Jung Seed and Plants catalogs. #seedchat -8:57 PM Dec 12th, 2012
    I think it was an online order for Annie's. #seedchat -8:55 PM Dec 12th, 2012
    I love the Shumway's and Jung Seed and Plants catalogs. #seedchat -8:55 PM Dec 12th, 2012
   Link for mountain valley: -8:54 PM Dec 12th, 2012
    Did you get the seed via catalog or through their site? #seedchat -8:54 PM Dec 12th, 2012
   There's also Mountain Valley seeds here. They grow and harvest germplasms best suited to grow here. I ❤ these guys. #seedchat -8:53 PM Dec 12th, 201