Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Swap Seeds on Twitter March 28th

We're declaring March 28th International Seed Swap Day on Twitter. On this day we encourage you all to swap seeds with #SeedChat members. By now you've made your seed orders, many of you have already begun sprouting seeds indoors, and you have a good idea of what you have too much of. Instead of just storing your seeds in your seed bins, swap them on Twitter. You can use the Seed Swap Page we've made available for you to list seeds and requests some. You can also list the seeds on your blogs and websites and encourage people to browse through you collection and make you an offer.

If you have suggestions for guidelines or rules feel free to leave them in the comments of this post. An example would be: using only bubble envelopes to mail seeds. We'll kick off the suggestions with

1 Use the #SwapSeeds hashtag to communicate and advertise the seeds you have available to swap.

To leave a comment use the Name/URL option below and link to your Twitter account. 

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  1. Awesumness! I've got some white flowered fireweed for y'all!


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