Sunday, October 30, 2011

Preserving Night This Week.

Join us this week as Gayla Trail guest hosts #SeedChat to talk to us about preserving vegetables and herbs from the garden. Gayla is the author of You Grow Girl, Grow Great Grub and the forthcoming Easy Growing. We will be posting the question submitted in the question form this Wednesday for Gayla to answer live on Twitter. Stop by at 6pm Pacific, 8pm Central, 9pm Easter. Follow the @SeedChat account for updates and more information. Visit Gayla's garden blog, You Grow Girl and follow her on Twitter at @YouGrowGirl

A massive update to the #SeedChat transcripts page has been added. My apologies for the delay. I didn't realize I had waited so long before the previous one. If you missed any chats this October they are all up for your viewing and downloading pleasure.