Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Soil Blocks Questions preview

Wednesday evening's #SeedChat will be guest-hosted by @InkandPenstemon who will be introducing us to the world of soil blocks. Below are the preview questions we've received so far.

What is soil blocking?
Does potting soil work for soil blocks?
Will the soil block fall apart as the seedlings grow?
Can I use any kind of soil for building soil blocks?
Is there any kind of  soil that I CANNOT use?
What seeds don't take to being used in soil blocks?
Do you need to make your own special soil mix to make soil blocks?
Do you know of any homemade options for a soil block?
What equipment do you need to make soil blocks?

Update: Transcript is now up in the transcript page.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Garden Pests Question Previews

This evening's #SeedChat topic is about garden pests. Below is a preview of some of the questions we've received that we'll be answering.  Have a good answer to any of these questions? Bring it along and join us for #SeedChat on Twitter at 9PM Eastern 8PM Central 6PM Pacific to share your tips and resources for starting exotic seeds.

Do Japanese Beetle traps work?
What is eating the leavs of my seedlings?
Does anyone have tips for rabbit proofing recently planted seedlings?
Are humans considered garden "pests?" What can I do to prevent theft of my plants?
Squirrels dig up my direct sown seedlings when looking for bulbs or planting acorns, how can I stop them?

UPDATE: The transcript for the garden pest night is up.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Isolation Techniques Question Preview

Sorry about the lack of updates & preview questions on the blog. This week we're back on schedule and we'll be talking about isolation techniques to keep seeds from cross pollinating. There's still time to ask a question in our NEW question tab above. Join us for #SeedChat on Wednesday at 9PM Eastern 8PM Central 6PM Pacific to share your tips and resources for starting exotic seeds.

If one blooms is cross pollinated does it 'taint' the rest of the plant?

Are cucumbers and summer squashes self-pollinating?

Should you grow only one variety of plant to keep them from cross-pollinating?

If you have two varieties of plants how far away should you grow them to keep them from cross?

Also, look over our schedule tab and feel free to suggest a topic that we haven't covered. The transcripts tab holds the archives of our sessions and you can download them or read them on the web.

UPDATE: Transcript is up for this session in our transcripts page.