Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Sowing Question Preview

Join us for #SeedChat this Wednesday evening at (8pm Central 9pm Eastern ) with guest host @GardenFaerie who will be teaching us about winter sowing. If you're unfamiliar with how #SeedChat works see our About page which has an illustration of how things work. The @SeedChat account will post questions and they'll be answered by @GardenFaerie who informs us that she's OK with participants also answering questions, or expanding on her answers.  Here are some of the questions we've received for this week's chat.

1. What is winter sowing?

2. What can you winter sow?

3. What kind of soil do you use for winter sowing? Will any potting soil work?

4. Best containers/minimum size of containers for winter sowing?

5. Is there a good general guideline for deciding what seeds are best to use?

6. Easiest things to winter sow?

7. Can damping off be an issue with wintersowing?

8. How late is too late to start winter sowing in zone 5?

9. Best place to put containers outside (full sun? sheltered area?)

10. How air tight does the duct tape have to be? These danged bottled are hard to tape back together.

11. What if it gets cold again after they sprout? Will they need protection?

12. Tried it with poppy seeds last year and got zilch. Is there any trick to winter sowing poppies?

Set an alarm so you don't forget to join us at this evening at 8pm Central 9 pm Eastern. If you're not a member of Twitter you can still watch #SeedChat live at the time and follow along.

Update: The transcript for the chat is now up. Also, @gardenfaerie has provided us with a handout on winter sowing. Available here as a PDF. She also has a book you can buy titled Fun with Winter Sowing.

Monday, January 10, 2011

January 12, 2011 Open Mic Night On Seed Chat

#SeedChat on January 12, 2011 will be an open mic night, but you can still submit a question ahead of time if you want a specific question answered. Any topic pertaining to seed starting, seed saving and seed banking will can be discussed during #SeedChat. Don't have a particular topic you want to discuss? Share pictures of past seeds, seedlings and seed starting set-ups. Favorite books, websites and forums are fair game too. Links to articles, informational brochures or pamphlets might help someone new to gardening and seed starting.

@Cubits is scheduled to give out two prize seed packs to two lucky participants of #SeedChat on this night. @MrBrownThumb and @Xitomatl will pick a phrase or word associated with gardening from seed and if a participant uses these two secret words they'll be informed live that they've won one of the prize seed packs.

Also, the resource page needs some filling out. If you have suggestions for informational material we should add send a tweet to @SeedChat.

Join us for #SeedChat on Wednesdays at 8pm Central 9pm Eastern.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Starting Your Own Seed Bank Question Preview

Starting your own seed bank is tonight's #SeedChat topic. Here is a preview of the topic's questions that have come in so far.

"Seed Banks, what are they?"

"What is the advantage of starting your own seed bank?"

"What kind of seeds do you need to start a seed bank?"

"For long-term storage, what are the best containers for seeds?"

"How do you setup memberships for seed banks?"

"If I give out seeds from my seed bank, am I entitled to get some back?"

"Would you pay for seeds from a seedbank."

The questions are provided to give you time to research or come up with answers that can fit within the constraints of Twitter. You can still ask questions and familiarize yourself with the format for #SeedChat on our About page. #SeedChat will begin at 8pm central 9pm eastern. The first 5 minutes of #SeedChat are for introductions and hellos, the finally 15 minutes of #SeedChat are an open forum. In between we have a Q&A forum we use to keep the flow of information and ideas steady and make the transcripts we archive easy to read.

Hope to see you tonight.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Transcripts Up & Next Week's Topic

The past two weeks of transcripts are finally up - thanks for hanging in there to wait for them guys! There's a lot of really, really awesome links in both of them, so do take a look. Click the "transcripts" page above to take a look.

This week: we're talking about starting your own seed bank. You don't need Svalbard in your back yard to preserve heritage and OP varieties, you just need a bit of knowledge. Interested? Have questions? Be sure to submit them here!

See you all Wednesday, January 5th at #seedchat!