Monday, August 22, 2011

Seeds at Independent Garden Center Show 2011

Last week was the Independent Garden Center Show in Chicago and the seed industry was well represented. Below are a few pictures of some of the seed samples the vendors gave out along with their Twitter accounts. Hope some of them join us on Twitter for #SeedChat on Wednesday evenings at 8pm Central to talk seeds.

Tomato Violet Jasper sample pack from @RareSeeds.

Nasturtium Canary Creeper and Pineapple Tomatillo from Lake Valley Seed who doesn't have a Twitter account yet. But they do have a nice selection of seeds and you should check out their website.

Pelleted seed mixes: Petunia Blueberry Lime Jam, Coelus Under the Sun, Petunia Vogue by @FerryMorseSeeds

Broccoli Raab, Melon Early Silver Line Hybrid, Arugula Rocket Wild Roma and Cress, from international seed collection by @BurpeeGardens

Cucumber Boothby Blonde & Daikon Radish Miyashige White from @HighMowingSeeds

Calendula Flashback and Melon Halogen and a USB drive from @SeedsofChange

Pansy Black Moon hybrid. Nemophila Pennie Black, Banana Ensete Glaucum, Butterfly Pea Clitoria Ternatea,  Sweat Pea King Size Navy Blue from @Thompson&Morgan

Miniature Chocolate Bell peppers and Lemon Cucumbers from @SeedSaversX

Below are some pics I took with my cellphone of some items that I found interesting.

Lake Valley Seeds is a new to me seed company I'll look out for.

Organic Mechanics soils is coming out with a seed starting mix

Easy Seeder helps you space out your seeds so there's no thinning necessary

The Livingstone Seed Company carries my fave morning glory. Chocolate Rose.

Seed starter kits in egg carton are pretty cool. 

Culinary Couture is Hort Coutures seed line. 

Cornucopia Seeds is an economy seed line by Renee's Garden.

That's Jere, founder of Baker Creek Seeds. 

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  1. I've sown quite a lot of the Lake Valley Seeds, which I've gotten at Christmas Tree Shops, where my mom drags me on every visit. That chain has them on sale in summer for like 6 to 25 cents a packet. Great to use in winter seed swaps!