Thursday, August 25, 2011

#SeedChat in Lawn & Garden Retailer Magazine

I was reading the digital edition of Lawn & Garden Retailer when I came across the article by @PAllenSmith about "The Future of Gardening" on pages 24-25 of the digital edition. I got to the end of the article and laughed-not at the content-but at the mention of #SeedChat. Whenever I see anything I'm involved in get a mainstream mention I feel like I've just played a joke on the world.

When I approached @Xitomatl about starting #SeedChat last winter I didn't know if she'd be interested and I certainly didn't know if anyone else would show up and want to talk about seeds on a weekly basis. Every Wednesday night when I fire up Twitter I still have those "what if nobody shows up?" thoughts. Thankfully we've (everyone who participates) created a fun, friendly and informative community of gardeners who are passionate about starting plants from seeds and saving seeds.

Above all #SeedChat is a safe community, no question is too dumb to ask, where we gather to freely exchange information about growing from seed. Brands, organizations and companies who are interested in participating are welcomed to join our community provided they see us as people and not just another stream through which they'll get hits to their websites or sales. We're people, treat us as such and we'll support you.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in #SeedChat these past few months. Without all of you this community would not exist. Join us Wednesday nights from 8-9pm Central on Twitter to talk about growing from seed.

UPDATE: Lawn & Garden Retailer has provided us with a webpage version of the article.


  1. I'm totally giving the virtual thumbs up right now.

  2. That is so awesome!! Seedchat is my favorite Tweet event! I look forward to it every Wed.

  3. I enjoy #seedchat a lot. Friendly and informative, but not so busy that you can't keep up with conversations. "Whenever I see anything I'm involved in get a mainstream mention I feel like I've just played a joke on the world."--I know just what you mean but hadn't been able to express it in words before. :)

  4. Congrats to you what you are doing is helping people learn and that's always worth recognition <|;-) Annie

  5. I made the mistake of creating a local group member drive that turned into the Marigolds Across America campaign. We gave away 10,000 free seed packs, but I frowned everytime I learned it hit another major media like Woman's Day and sacrcamento It does keep things interesting, and brings many new people on board. Keep up the good work.