Saturday, July 9, 2011

Woody Plants from Seeds & Cuttings With @NewPlants as Guest Host

This week's #SeedChat will be guest-hosted by Tim Wood who blogs as "The Plant Hunter." You may know him as @NewPlants on Twitter. He's in charge of Product Development and is the Marketing Manager at Spring Meadow Nursery. Tim travels the world in search of news plants to introduce to home gardeners and speaks with many plant propagators and breeders. Tim will be on hand to talk about propagating woody plants (trees & shrubs) from seeds and cuttings.

If you have a question that you'd like answered please post it in our question form. We'll update this post with the preview of the questions submitted for Tim.

"Tree or shrub you don't recommend trying to propagate at home because it takes too long or is difficult."

"If a plant is patented and I propagate it at home am I at legal risk if I don't try to sell it?"

"If I hybridize a plant or find a sport in my garden, how can I get it in the garden market?"

"Have there been any prosecutions of people propagating patented plants?"

"Since you travel the world looking for new plants, what's been your most interesting find?"

"Any plant you wish you had introduced or now regret introducing?"

"When is the best time to take cuttings of woody plants?"

"Interested in propagating rhododendron maximum (by cuttings or seed). don't know which is easier, and if I do cuttings have read one set of instructions which says to keep under fluorescent lights for 18 hours a day and another set which says to keep out of direct sunlight. Would be interested in which is best."


  1. Could you briefly touch on propagating Daphne?

  2. @SolakNC, I'll try to fit it in. Thanks for the suggestion and introducing me to a new plant!