Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Soil Blocks Questions preview

Wednesday evening's #SeedChat will be guest-hosted by @InkandPenstemon who will be introducing us to the world of soil blocks. Below are the preview questions we've received so far.

What is soil blocking?
Does potting soil work for soil blocks?
Will the soil block fall apart as the seedlings grow?
Can I use any kind of soil for building soil blocks?
Is there any kind of  soil that I CANNOT use?
What seeds don't take to being used in soil blocks?
Do you need to make your own special soil mix to make soil blocks?
Do you know of any homemade options for a soil block?
What equipment do you need to make soil blocks?

Update: Transcript is now up in the transcript page.


  1. Are there any special water requirements for soil blocks?

  2. Is the whole point that you're potting up a little block into a big block?