Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Seed Starting With Kids Question Preview

This evenings #SeedChat topic is about seed starting with kids. Below is a preview of some of the questions we've received that we'll be answering.  Have a good answer to any of these questions? Bring it along and join us for #SeedChat at 9PM Eastern 8PM Central 6PM Pacific.

Got a list of the top easy seeds to start for kids garden project?

Any poisonous seeds I should avoid when gardening with kids?

Containers for starting seeds in a class.

Can hot pepper seeds make kid's eyes burn if they handle them?

What seeds are big enough for little ones to handle easily?

"I'm currently teaching the Farm to School program, primarily the gardening component,  since the program is based on promoting healthy eating we grow vegetables, herbs and fruits. What types of edible flowers would you recommend sowing with kids? Are there any with some interesting stories behind them? Thanks in advanace. Debbie K"

Something a little different. Someone left some tips in the form where the questions go. You can still submit questions for tonight by leaving them as a comment below.

"Not a question, but some observations from working w/grandkids. Keep it mostly simple. Give them some radishes to plant. They grow fast. Plant extra carrots so they can pull them occasionally to check size. Bush beans are great. plants are sturdy enough they can harvest the pods w/o pulling the plant. Maybe give them THEIR plant, like a watermelon or pumpkin to care for. Help them grow easy repeat blooming flowers like zinnias. Oh, kids LOVE ornamental gourds, too. Especially those funky weird looking ones. Grow some birdhouse gourds, then help them turn it into a house for next year. Cherry tomatoes are cool w/kids too. They can pluck them right off the plant while you're out tending THEIR plants. OK, that's all. :)"

Update: Transcript is now available in our transcript page.

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  1. So many easy seeds. We start sunflowers, pumpkin seeds in late
    Spring in to small pots of soil. The children will be direct sowing all the salad veggies. They also plant nasturtiums in the vegetable garden to put in salads. So much fun the garden with children.