Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Seed Saving Groups Roundup

The transcript of tonight's #SeedChat topic on seed saving groups and seed swaps is available on the transcript page. It will be a "live" transcript for the next 24hrs, meaning you can read it as if you were on Twitter and the links should work. Tonight I noticed that locked accounts don't show up in the transcript. Our apologies to participants who contributed and aren't included in the transcript because they have a locked accounts.

Notable moments include @SquashMaker bring up having trouble starting a seed swap group in his area. It seems like older gardeners that he's come across aren't that interested in saving and swapping seeds. Towards the end of #SeedChat  @SquashMaker and @Xitomatl really got their nerd on and talked about databases they maintain to keep track of their saved seeds. I suggested that they both do a #SeedChat night where they explain all this to people like me in plain English.

Tonight I was the chat's moderator and had two browsers open, was logged into two separate accounts, TweetChat and my BlackBerry all tuned into #SeedChat. I realized I have a sickness because I've been going to great lengths to curate a group of people in my virtual world to discuss seeds with and around me. This #SeedChat also served as a testing ground for posting some of the questions ahead of time to give people a chance to gather links and information to share. Thanks to @KatWhiteDesigns for suggesting this because I think it works great.

This week @Xitomatl created a resource page here on the #SeedChat blog, check it out and feel free to recommend items to add to it. We also came to the conclusion that we should switch the topic for Jan 5 and Jan 12. It seems several people are interested in learning about starting seed banks and we should just move the topic up a week. @Xitomatl has had a seed bank running for a while in Canada and this year I started one here in Chicago.

Seed my list of seed saving groups on my seed bank's blog and feel free to make suggestions of groups to add. I may decide to cross-post the list here as it would probably benefit participants of  #SeedChat. This is an open post where you are free to talk about anything that was brought up during this week's #SeedChat. Share links, thoughts, ask questions or ask for clarification on something that was brought up *cought* Kent Whealy *cough* or just say "hello." You don't need to have a blog to comment. You can use the Name/URL option from the drop-down menu and link to your Twitter account.


  1. I saw a mention in the transcripts about moving the seed bank topic to the 5th. Was their a decision on that?

  2. Yup, We're going to move it to Jan 5.

  3. Please see for some information on the newly formed Seed Library of Los Angeles (SLOLA). We'd love to be added to your list!

    David King


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