Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How To Get Free Seeds Roundup.

Here is a collection of links and tips from tonight’s SeedChat topic on getting seeds without buying them.

Government run seed/gene banks where you can request seeds for free, many varieties that others don’t have. In the U.S. try  In Canada .

You can also see if there are freebie seed giveaways and trades on gardening forum. Some Suggestions given were: Seed forums on

Some organizations and groups provide free seeds, either as part of a project or to encourage gardening. Check out and to learn how to participate.

@SolakNC asked about the legalities associated with saving and starting seeds from plants that have been patented. I think we all agreed that these plants are protect from both sexual  (seeds) and asexual (cuttings) propagation.

@Rainforestgardn brought up the topic of germinating seeds from grocery store produce. Remember growing your own avocado in a jar? This lead to the topic of irradiated food and whether seeds from those fruits will germinate. Have you encountered this? It was pointed out that open pollinated produce will germinate and should produce fruit that is true to seed. Speak to the farmers at your farmers market for more information.

The whole transcript will be found here, where it is usually posted before Thursday mornings. Next week’s topic is seed saving organizations and exchanges. At @KatWhiteDesigns' suggestion, we’ll starting to post the questions ahead of time here on the blog to give people a chance to research and prepare links. So, ask your questions here and we’ll post them before next week’s topic.

If you’re new to SeedChat familiarize yourself with our format here. The first 5 minutes of ever chat are open for greetings and introductions. The final 15 minutes are an “open” forum where you can ask questions that didn’t get covered, or if you’re late; answer an earlier question or ask for more details on an answer one of your fellow participants gives.

See you next week. Bring your suggestions for seed saving groups (regional and national) and where seed exchanges are hosted near you.

Consider this an open thread where you're free to pose questions, elaborate on something you mentioned during SeedChat or just share some interesting seed-related links and information.


  1. We're also taking suggestions for topics. Look at our Schedule and if you see a blank entry feel free to suggest a topic.

  2. While researching irradiated fruits and seeds I came across this entry in Google Books that talks about how in Australia people are accustomed to having passion fruit pulp and seeds in food content made from passion fruit. This has lead to situations where they put passion fruit seeds inside products made from artificial passion fruit flavors. Crazy, huh?

  3. If you're a garden blogger/writer: has a media list you can sign up for. Also, provides samples and Christmas gifts to writers on their list.I got a nice package from them this Christmas. Maybe it is all the pop I've drank, but I could swear they also sent me something for my BDay last year. I've traded garden pictures for some of their seeds. Look over their online catalog and see if they have a missing picture and contact them about them.

  4. I don't think anyone mentioned tonight, but if I remember correctly that lady gives out seeds for SASE.

  5. Great recap of tonight's chat. Thanks for the effort!

  6. You're welcomed Tom. Your participation in and enthusiasm for SeedChat is appreciated.

  7. Helpful collection of links. This site is going to make for quite the handy resource once we've gone through all the topics on the schedule.

    Found myself lost on the internet reading articles about irradiating produce after the chat. Interesting stuff.

  8. Yes - is another great resource for free seeds. If you live in Canada (like some of us do) you don't even need to provide a SASE, she'll send them out free.


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