Monday, November 29, 2010

Coming Soon!

Are you ready for another Twitter chat? Starting this Wednesday (December 1st) join @MrBrownThumb and @xitomatl as they host #seedchat at 8pm Central 9pm Eastern Wednesday nights on Twitter. Our first #seedchat will be an informal affair where we will introduce ourselves and what we hope to accomplish with #seedchat and solicit topics you'd like to cover and what you'd like about gardening from seed and seed saving. We encourage you to follow the @SeedChat account on Twitter for news and information about this exciting new chat.


  1. Great chat everyone! As soon as there's a transcript I'll select someone to receive Seed to Seed by Evelyn Ashworth by random selection. Your name will go into the hat if you suggested a topic that MrBrownThumb and xitomatl hadn't thought of yet!

  2. Xan,

    The transcript is up now. Sorry for the delay. Visit the transcript page at the top of the blog.


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